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Privacy policy

I. Personal data administrator

The administrator of your personal data is Accommodation Žižkova, s. r. o., registered office at Žižkova 1995/64, Brno-Zabovřesky, registered in the Commercial Register Register under ID 08745641 (hereinafter referred to as the Administrator), which is the operator of accommodation facility OROOM (hereinafter referred to as Accommodation) and the provider of accommodation and related services (hereinafter referred to as the Accommodation Service).

II. Scope of data processing

The administrator collects and processes the following information about you:

  • - basic identification data (name and surname, title, date birth name/birth number, permanent address, nationality, document number)
  • - a scan of the identity document (the data administrator may also request it retrospectively after the end of the stay)
  • - information on services provided and length of stay
  • - contact details (e-mail, telephone)
  • - information on mutual communication (e-mail or telephone communication)
  • - billing and transaction details, including credit card details
  • - CCTV footage
  • - cookies
  • - other data, if required to provide Accommodation Services in Accommodation)

Providing information about yourself is voluntary, but is a condition of to enter into a contractual relationship with the Administrator. We obtain the above information about you from registration in the booking system and in the context of providing Accommodation services. The information provided is protected from unauthorised access and misuse and are used for as long as necessary (for the duration of the Accommodation Service, for the duration of the consent to use the information and thereafter for the period specified by law), for the purposes specified purposes.

III. Purpose of data use

The Administrator processes your personal data:

  • - to provide Accommodation services
  • - to protect its legitimate interests
  • - to fulfil their legal obligations
  • - to record personal data in excess of the obligations
  • - for marketing purposes
IV. Transfer of personal data

The data provided may be used by data processors (specialists) IT services, accountants and other entities), and only to the extent and for the purpose of, determined by the Administrator within the framework of legal regulations.

V. Rights and obligations of the data subject

As part of the processing of personal data, you have the right to:

  • - know transparent and understandable information about how your data is used
  • - have access to your personal data
  • - correct the information you have provided
  • - object to the processing of your personal data or contact the supervisory authority
  • - delete the data provided by you in the event that
    • - are no longer strictly necessary for the performance of Accommodation Services
    • - you have withdrawn your consent to the processing of personal data
    • - your data has been unlawfully processed
    • - you have objected and our legitimate interest in using your personal data does not take precedence in this case
  • - the portability of your personal data to another service provider.

In case of any questions or requests, please contact us via web OROOM.cz in the section Contact

Updated on 9 July 2021